U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service   Exhibit 5, 251 FW 2

FWM#:         336 (New)
Date:             April 12, 1999
Series:           Budget
Part 251:       Budget Justification
Originating Office:  Division of Budget  


Bureau: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

General Information:
Project Name Colebrook Interpretive Center Construction 
Admin. Unit (Region/State Park/Refuge/etc.) Region 5/New Hampshire
State/County/Congressional District New Hampshire/Coos/01
General Location 2 miles north of Colebrook, NH on Route 3
House/Senate Member's $ Request $250,000
Proposed Amendment: An additional $250,000 to share in the construction of the Colebrook Interpretative Center in cooperation with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Purpose/Program: The new facility would include administrative offices, environmental exhibits, history exhibits, tourism information, and a regional calendar of events. The new building may be constructed on the current site of a seasonal New Hampshire State Department of Transportation Welcome Center. Some utilities are already available at the Welcome Center site. If this site is determined to be the most feasible, the existing Welcome Center building would be demolished. The site and the new building would be owned by the New Hampshire State Department of Transportation. The North Country Chamber of Commerce and the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game may be lessees in the new building. Volunteers from local groups may be the source for operations personnel.

The Colebrook Interpretative Center would be used in part as another education center for the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. The Colebrook Interpretative Center is not a Service priority.

However, this project increase was not included in the President's Budget and is not a priority of the Department. The Department does not support the addition of funds for any purpose or project that would result in the reductions for programs or projects included in the Budget. The Department has placed a priority on critical health and safety projects and mission critical projects.

Is the project on DOI owned land? Yes  No X  N/A
If no, how much is required for land acquisition? Unknown. Possibly no land acquisition cost if the new building will be cooperatively constructed on property currently owned by the New Hampshire State Department of Transportation.
Is proposed amount under the development ceiling? Yes No N/A X
Is facility a National Landmark, Historic Structure on National Register, etc.? Yes No X N/A
If yes, what exactly? N/A
If not a DOI facility, what is significance of facility? N/A
If not a DOI project, what authority does the bureau have to make the award? N/A
Is bill language needed? Yes No  N/A X
If yes, please provide recommended language: N/A
Will the bureau do the planning? Unknown 
Is the LUP/Activity Planning/NEPA work done? 
Is the proposal consistent with the LUP? 
If necessary, has General Management Plan/Development Concept Plan covering this work been done, and is this project consistent with the GMP?
No X 
N/A X 
Are there any preconditions for the beginning of planning, (such as an EIS, the determining or purchasing of site, or finishing prior phase)? Yes X No N/A
If yes, what are they? Possibly determining and purchasing the site.
Is the project planning, i.e., engineering and initial design work completed? Yes No X  N/A
If no, what stage is project planning? Conceptual
Is A&E work/contract completed? Yes No X  N/A
If no, is funding included to accomplish it? Yes X No N/A
Could A&E contracting be a phase by itself? Yes X No  N/A
How much money will be needed post current fiscal year to complete planning (to point of IFB) for the proposed phase? Unknown
Does bureau have the capability to complete engineering & design work within the year the funds would be appropriated? Unknown at this time because this is a shared project. Design responsibility would be designated in the future.  Yes  No  N/A
Who will do the planning (DSC staff; A&E; Region staff; Other)? Unknown
How many months after the dollars are appropriated will it take to complete planning (to point of IFB)? 18 months
Aside from planning required to construct proposed phase, will any planning be required post next fiscal year to finish the total job? Unknown Yes  No N/A 
If yes, estimate of how much? Unknown
If not a DOI project, can any statement be made as to the feasibility of the proposal?  Yes X No N/A 
If yes, what? Proposal is feasible
If not a DOI project, who would be the recipient of the funds? Possibly the State of New Hampshire.
Is any cost-sharing planned with non-Federal entities? Yes X No  N/A
Amount, for what phase, and with whom? Amount of cost sharing and potential project phases unknown at this time. Cooperative arrangement for land possible with New Hampshire State Department of Transportation. Possible rental agreement for continued financial support of new building from North Country Chamber of Commerce and New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game. 
If any appropriations have already been received for this project, indicate: N/A
What's been done? N/A
What is left? N/A
When were the funds appropriated? N/A
For what? N/A
0 & M costs? N/A
Status of Obligation? N/A

If DOI project, what is our gross estimate for the phase of construction now proposed? N/A
This estimate is based on what stage of planning? N/A
When was this estimate made? 1998
Estimate was made by whom? Unknown

The estimate for this phase includes what major construction components? Unknown
Considering planning needs, construction could be awarded how long, in months, after appropriation is made?
21 months
Can the proposed project be further phased? Yes No X N/A
If yes, in what way? N/A
What are the dollar costs of each phase, if further divided, and how much extra is it anticipated to cost to further phase? N/A
What is current gross estimate for all phases of this job beyond that proposed (outyears)? Unknown
What are major physical components of these future phases? Unknown

Operations and Maintenance:

Include a statement on the future operations and maintenance impacts? Unknown; future operations and maintenance would be negotiated with partners.

What will be the additional operating costs and FTE requirements when complete? At a minimum a part time or seasonal person would be required. Some visitor contact could be done by volunteers. Other operational costs would be negotiated with partners.

Funding Summary:

                                Planning               $ Unknown
                                Design                 $ Unknown
                                Construction        $ Unknown
                                Total                    $ Unknown

Appropriation: Construction
Subactivity: Wildlife Refuges
Funding History:
Prior to FY 1998 FY 1998 Enacted FY 1999 Pres. Budget Member's Request Future
$0 $0 $0 $250,000 Unknown

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