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Example of Citation Letter for the Corporate Wildlife Stewardship Award

Date: February 17, 2011

Series: Personnel

Part 224: Performance and Utilization



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Mr. Richard Cabela
One Cabela Drive
Sidney, Nebraska  69160


Dear Mr. Cabela:


It is my pleasure to grant the Director’s Corporate Wildlife Stewardship Award of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Cabela’s.  This special award is reserved for corporations whose activities demonstrate earnest concern for the Nation’s environmental causes and for exemplary service rendered to our country’s fish and wildlife resources.


This summer, Cabela’s donated more than $40,000 worth of much-needed outdoor equipment and gear to the Lusaka Task Force to help combat the continued poaching of African elephants, a species targeted for the lucrative black market ivory trade and other wildlife crimes.  These goods will equip 32 law enforcement officers who will serve as the vanguard of a new, cooperative anti-poaching campaign in nine central and southern African countries that are now working together to protect wildlife resources.


Park rangers and game wardens in these countries often lack proper equipment, clothing, and gear for conducting even the most rudimentary law enforcement activities.  Cabela’s generous donation will help prevent such shortages from undermining the anti-poaching efforts of the Lusaka Task Force and provide a cornerstone for the success of the officers involved as they combat the single greatest threat to the continued survival of African elephants, rhinos, and other key species.  Your company has, in effect, supplied the basic tools needed to support a key conservation initiative—one that promises new protections for animals that are, in many cases, fighting their way back from the brink of extinction.


For your demonstrated concern for wildlife conservation and outstanding contribution to anti-poaching efforts in central and southern Africa, I am pleased to present the Director’s Corporate Wildlife Stewardship Award of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Cabela’s.









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