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Example of Citation for Valor Award


Date: February 17, 2011

Series: Personnel

Part 224: Performance and Utilization



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In recognition of his highly courageous action involving great personal risk that resulted in the rescue of a potential drowning victim.

At approximately 4:45 p.m., on December 4, 2010, the County Sheriff’s Office called on the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge to assist in locating a young woman who indicated she might attempt suicide.  Two Refuge Officers immediately set out to look for the woman and found her in her parked vehicle at Boat Landing One on the west shore of Lake Darling on the Refuge.  Refuge Officer John Smith, who had been monitoring the situation, quickly arrived at the scene.  Officer Smith decided that it was necessary to remove the woman from her vehicle to ensure that she had no dangerous weapons with her, and to control the situation.  Officer Smith, along with another officer, approached the woman, and after identifying themselves, requested she exit her vehicle.  She immediately locked her doors and drove away with Officer Smith in pursuit.  The woman drove at a high rate of speed to Boat Landing Two, where she jumped from her vehicle and ran into the water.  Officer Smith pursued her into the water to a depth where he could no longer continue without a life jacket. With 40 mph winds, and a water temperature of approximately 45 degrees, there was a risk of hypothermia to the woman and officers.  Officer Smith, at great personal risk, went further into the water, gripped onto the back of a life jacket worn by another officer involved in the rescue effort, and together the two officers made their way back to shore with the unconscious victim in tow.  Meanwhile, a third officer had arrived and called for an ambulance and medical assistance.  The woman was transported to a Minot hospital where she fully recovered.  Without the quick response and bravery shown by Officer Smith, the woman most certainly would have drowned.  For his courageous action and the great personal risk he assumed, John T. Smith is granted the Valor Award of the Department of the Interior.



      Secretary of the Interior





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