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Exhibit 3, 274 FW 2
Sample Note to Reviewers and Memorandum for Adopting a Data Standard

Supersedes 270 FW 6, FWM 406, 09/30/02

Date: March 4, 2009

Series: Information Technology Management

Part 274: Data Management

Originating Office: Division of Information Resources and Technology Management



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 ********************** Note to Reviewers*********************


The Service is using data standards to increase the quality and compatibility of its data.  This approach will:


·       Identify the organizations responsible for particular data,

·       Increase opportunities to share data,

·       Reduce redundant data development, and

·       Reduce the loss of valuable data. 


The Assistant Director – Information Resources and Technology Management (IRTM) is the Chief Information Officer and has the lead on data standardization in the Service.  Information on this effort is available on the Intranet.


This memo informs the Service Directorate that a new standard proposed by the [insert name of group proposing it] has been reviewed and adopted for national use.  The formal review was completed in cooperation with the Service’s Headquarters Office IRTM and followed the process for establishing data standards described in 274 FW 2 and on the Service’s Data Standards Web sites.





For further information, contact

[insert name], National Data Administrator, IRTM,

at [insert phone number].



In Reply Refer To:







To:                  Service Directorate


From:              Assistant Director – Information Resources and Technology Management and

                        Chief Information Officer


Subject:           Adoption of Data Element Standard


We are adopting a new [insert type, e.g., data element] standard, [insert name of standard].  This standard has successfully completed the formal national review process for proposed data standards at 


Review comments received from Service personnel indicate full concurrence with no recommended changes to the content. We attach the adopted standard, which you can also find on the Data Standards Web site.


The purpose of this standard is to [insert reason/purpose for the standard]. You can direct questions on the use or application of this standard to [insert name, title, location]. 


Please distribute this memorandum and attachment to all Regional and Field Offices to ensure that staff members are aware of this adopted standard and the requirement to apply it where appropriate. 


Send questions and comments about Service data standards to [insert name], National Data Administrator, Information Resources and Technology Management, via electronic mail, or by phone at [insert phone number].





For information on the content of this exhibit, contact the Division of Information Resources and Technology Management. For information about this Web site, contact Krista Bibb in the Division of Policy and Directives Management.  

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