Exhibit 3

264 FW 1
Exceptions to Cost Recovery

Supersedes Exhibit 3, 264 FW 1, October 9, 2009

Date: September 24, 2015

Series: Finance

Part 264: Cost Recovery and Reimbursable Agreements

Originating Office: Division of Financial Management



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1. What documentation do I submit to request an exception for a reimbursable agreement?

A. Obtain a project number from the Cost Accounting Section of the Division of Financial Management - Denver Operations (CAS DFM-DO) and complete FWS Form 3-2058 (Reimbursable Agreement Data Form).

B. Prepare an exception to the policy in a surname package that includes:

(1) Cover memorandum,

(2) FWS Form 3-2208 (Exception to Cost Recovery Policy),

(3) FWS Form 3-2058 (Reimbursable Agreement Data Form), and

(4) Any other supporting documentation.

C. Send the package to the Division of Financial Management - Headquarters (DFM-HQ), for verification of the cost analysis.

D. DFM-HQ will send the package to the appropriate Headquarters Directorate member for review.

E. The Director must approve all exceptions to the cost recovery policy.

F. After the Director approves or declines to approve the request, DFM-HQ will distribute copies to the requesting office, cas DFM-DO, and the appropriate Regional office.

2. Are permanent exceptions to policy available?

A. The Director will only approve permanent exceptions if they affect a large number of future agreements. Individual requests for an exception to policy are not necessary if covered by a permanent exception; however, documentation to CAS DFM-DO must clearly identify the permanent exception.

B. For reference purposes, DFM-HQ distributes copies of approved permanent exceptions to all Regional Budget and Finance Officers.

3. What about multi-year agreements?

A. Multi-year agreements requiring an exception to policy must clearly state the appropriate years of coverage.

B. If the program or office incurs charges outside the years covered in the approved exception to policy, CAS DFM-DO will inform the requesting program/office that they must have an updated exception.

C. If an updated exception is not received within 90 days, CAS DFM-DO will bill the agreement with the addition of the standard rate.

4. How long are exceptions for appropriations or accounts valid? An approved exception is valid for 2 fiscal years—the fiscal year it is originally requested and the following fiscal year—unless the Director specifies otherwise.

For more information about this policy, contact the Division of Financial Management. For more information about this Web site, contact Krista Bibb in the Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs.



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