U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service   Exhibit 3, 251 FW 2

FWM#:         336 (New)
Date:             April 12, 1999
Series:           Budget
Part 251:       Budget Justification
Originating Office:  Division of Budget   

Bureau: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

General Information

Project Name: Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge
Admin. Unit: Region 4/Refuges and Wildlife, Atlanta, GA
State/County/Congressional District: Kentucky/Marshall and Graves
Counties/1st Congressional District
General Location: Western Kentucky
Priorities: LAPS: 114 of 131
House/Senate Member's $ request: $3 million

Proposed Amendment: Appropriation of $3,000,000 to be appropriated for the Land and Water Conservation Fund to acquire 3,000 acres for Clarks River NWR in Kentucky.

Purpose/Program: Funds would be used to purchase approximately 3,000 acres of bottomland hardwood habitat, with 10 ownerships, to preserve valuable habitat for a diverse variety of wildlife. These tracts are of the highest priority for the Clarks River NWR. The major threats to these areas are continued logging of bottomland hardwoods and conversion to agricultural uses of the land, as well as further channelization of the river bottom lands. Leases and conservation easements will be explored on an opportunistic basis, but fee purchase is considered the best method for protection.

There are no Service-owned lands for an exchange. This is a new refuge and the first National Wildlife Refuge solely within Kentucky. Appraisals and contaminant surveys have been done. The public and the State are supportive of the refuge.

This project is not requested in the President's FY 1998 Budget. Although this project is on the current Service land acquisition priority ranking, the Department does not support the addition of funds for any purpose or project that would result in the reduction of programs and projects included in the Budget.


Is acquisition authorized? Emergency Wetlands Resources Act of 1986 P.L.99-645
What is authorized ceiling? None
Is proposal within authorized ceiling? N/A
How much has been appropriated to date vis-a-vis ceiling? N/A
Is acquisition within the boundary? Yes
For FWS new areas, level of review complete: Environmental Assessment


President's Budget Request: $0
Is budget amount for same purpose? N/A
Appropriations to Date (by year) FY 97 $3 million
Current Unobligated Balance as of 5/19/97 $ 3 million
Plans to use unobligated balances To acquire properties from willing sellers .
Acquisition Status




Purchased through FY 97 0 0 $ 0
Scheduled for FY 98 1 2,905 $ 1,033 
Proposed Amendment (FY 98) 10 3,000 $1,000
Remaining to be Acquired (Future) 189 12,095 $810

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