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Example of Citation for Meritorious Service Award


Date:February 17, 2011

Series: Personnel

Part 224: Performance and Utilization



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In recognition of his dedication to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serviceís ecological services program.

Mr. Smithís career with the Service has been marked by his innovation and resourcefulness in protecting declining species.  His capabilities in the legislative arena have helped to gain support for complex projects and develop solutions to problems involving the spotted owl and other species.  He turned agency gridlock into partnerships, while at the same time protecting vast habitats for more than 1,000 species of plants and animals.  Through Mr. Smithís efforts with the local government, an agreement was forged that developed plans for regional habitat conservation.  He negotiated a settlement involving a local landowners association and the State wildlife department over the effects of development on threatened species.  As a result of this settlement, Mr. Smith and the local ecological services office received support from congressional offices to protect declining species.  Throughout his career, Mr. Smith has been recognized for his leadership in preserving the Nationís flora and fauna.  His skill and perseverance have produced successful solutions to difficult issues.  For his excellence and outstanding contributions, John Q. Smith is granted the Meritorious Service Award of the Department of the Interior.




      Secretary of the Interior




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