Exhibit 3, 011 FW 3
Sample Note to Reviewers

Supersedes Exhibit 3, 011 FW 3, 12/02/2013

Date: June 22, 2015

Series: Service Directives

Part 011: The Fish and Wildlife Service Manual

Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management



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Purpose: Explain in one sentence, if possible, what you want the Director or Deputy Director to do. For example: The purpose of this package is to request the Director’s final approval on the new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) Manual chapter 110 FW 1, the Urban Wildlife Conservation Program Policy.


Background: Provide a brief description of the policy and any appropriate history. Keep it brief and use bullets, if possible. For example: This chapter:


Review Summary: Describe who reviewed the draft. If it’s a final draft that has been through Directorate review, state that and explain that you’ve included a Comments Summary in the package. For example: The policy:

·        Was submitted for a 30-day Directorate review (see DCN #058801). All comments have been considered and addressed in the final policy, or in the responses to comments, which is included in this surname package.

*If the policy requires approval from the Office of the Solicitor (SOL), explain here who in SOL reviewed and approved it.


Level of Controversy: State the level of controversy. If it’s higher than “None” or “Low,” explain why. For example: Medium. A small percentage of employees believe that publishing this policy could limit their flexibility in the field. We believe the benefits of providing Servicewide guidance and encouragement for this program far outweighs any potential limitations on field work.




Insert Program Contact/Author

Division or Branch of XXX

(List phone number and email address)




For more information about this exhibit, contact Krista Bibb in the Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs.



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