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Wilderness Area Acreage and Staff Training Report, Reports Control Symbol R610-5


Date:  November 7, 2008

Series: Refuge Management

Part 610: Wilderness Stewardship

Originating Office: Division of Natural Resources



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The Regional Chief, National Wildlife Refuge System, will send this report to the Assistant Director, National Wildlife Refuge System by October 1 of each year. The report will include:


A. The units with designated wilderness, proposed wilderness, recommended wilderness, or Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) and the acreage for each;


B. The total number of National Wildlife Refuge System, Endangered Species, and Fisheries and Habitat Conservation staff that have attended wilderness training;


C. A list of refuge managers, Endangered Species project leaders, or Fisheries and Habitat Conservation project leaders at units with designated or proposed wilderness, recommended wilderness, or WSAs or with significant wilderness responsibilities who have not attended wilderness training; and


D. The recommended schedule for employee wilderness training for the next fiscal year.



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