Exhibit 2, 452 FW 1
Placement of Wildlife Inspector Insignia


Date:  12/09/09

Series: Law Enforcement

Part 452: Law Enforcement Uniforms

Originating Office: Office of Law Enforcement



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 Wildlife inspectors at the GS-11 level and above must wear the appropriate collar insignia designating the officer’s grade on the uniform shirt.  Use of the collar insignia helps the public to identify supervisory and senior wildlife inspection staff (see 452 FW 1.5).   


Size: Wildlife inspectors must:

·   Use the small (3/4 inch) size collar insignia, and

·   Wear the insignia only on uniform shirts, not on outerwear or other uniform components.     


Vendor: We recommend purchasing the insignia from Leon Uniform Company.


Wildlife inspectors may find it useful to purchase two sets of insignias.


Placement: The diagrams below show the proper placement on the uniform shirt. 


Wildlife inspectors at the GS-11 level should place the single silver bar 1 inch from the front and upper edges of the collar, oriented as shown in the following diagrams: 


 Wildlife inspectors at the GS-12 and GS-13 levels should place the gold or silver oak leaves 1 inch from the front and upper edges of the collar, with the stem of the oak leaf oriented as shown in the following diagrams:




Wildlife inspectors at the GS-14 level should place the silver eagle 1 inch from the front and upper edges of the collar, with the head of the eagle facing to the front on both collars:       






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