U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service  253 FW 3, Exhibit 2, Internal Reprogramming Request

FWM#:          238 (new)
Date:             February 27, 1996
Series:           Budget
Part 253:       Budget Execution
Originating Office:  Division of Budget  


To:          Director

From:      Regional Director [Assistant Director]

Subject:   Reprogramming Request

This requests approval for an internal reprogramming for [activity] in the [name; e.g. Resource Management] Appropriation from [Program Element A] to [Program Element BI in Fiscal Year 19XX. This reprogramming is proposed in order to [describe]. A summary of funding proposed for reprogramming affecting FY 19XX is provided below.

[Program Element A (- $XXX,XXX)

[Description of impact of reduction and rational for selecting this program element for the reduction.]

[Program Element B (+$XXX,XXX)

[Description of need for reprogramming and activities to be conducted with reprogrammed funds.]

Activity/Subactivity     FY 19XX    Previous                 Proposed Adjusted
Program Element        Amount       Reprogramrning      Reprogrammming              Amount

If you have any questions, please contact [name]

____________________________________      ____________________________

DIRECTOR - APPROVAL                                   DATE

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