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Formatting and Processing Departmental Honor Awards


Date: February 17, 2011

Series: Personnel

Part 224: Performance and Utilization



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Honor Award Citations:


The citation must be clearly written, in plain language, with sufficient detail so that anyone can easily understand the contributions of the recipient. Include specific examples of accomplishments and limit your use of laudatory (praise) expressions. See Exhibits 3 through 5 for examples.


Citation Format:


  • Margins should be at least 1 inch and the text should be justified. 
  • Use Times Roman 12 point font.
  • Do not date citations.
  • Write the heading in bold, capital letters, and centered on the page as follows:  



[Double Space]


[Double Space]





  • The name may be an individual or a group. Triple space between full name and first paragraph.


  • The body of the citation consists of two paragraphs. Begin the first paragraph with, "In recognition of his /her ...” and end with the bureau name.  For example:


"In recognition of his outstanding leadership of international water resources programs for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."




            “In recognition of the outstanding contributions of the Florida Upland Invasive Plant Management Program to        preserve the recreational, economic, and ecological values of Florida’s uplands.”


  • The citation must reflect formal reference to the nominee, i.e., Dr. Brown, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Smith - not John, Barbara, or Henry. Always use the formal reference, except you must use the full name in the last sentence of the second paragraph.


  • The final sentence of the second paragraph for Distinguished Service Awards must read: "For ...(full name) is granted the highest honor of the Department of the Interior, the Distinguished Service Award."


  • The final sentence of the second paragraph for Meritorious Service Awards must read: "for ...(full name) is granted the Meritorious Service Award of the Department of the Interior."


  • The final sentence for other honor awards should be similar to the one for Meritorious Service Awards. You may use the group name in the final sentence.


  • The signature block must be six spaces below the body of the citation and begin at the center of the page.


  • Citations should be approximately 350 words and must fit on one page with heading and signature block.


  • Eliminate large gaps in spacing on citations.


  • Spell out the bureau or Service name the first time it is used in the citation. Use the word "Bureau" or "Service" for all subsequent references to the Service.


  • Use action verbs in the citation.


  • Citations should be clear and concise.


  • If the nominee is deceased, and is receiving a Distinguished Service Award, the citation should follow normal procedure and the closing statement should read as follows, “For his contributions to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, (Insert name) is posthumously granted the Distinguished Service Award of the Department of the Interior.”



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