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Appearance, Pride, and Service
Wildlife Inspector Uniform Requirements


Date:  July 10, 2007

Series: Law Enforcement

Part 452: Law Enforcement Uniforms

Originating Office: Office of Law Enforcement



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SHIRTS, TROUSERS, & SKIRTS                                                                                                                  

- Wear tucked in with all buttons buttoned (top button optional).                                                        

- T-shirts, if worn, must be plain WHITE.                        

- You may use a black turtleneck as a layering item during cold weather.                                                                                                                          

- You may not wear the black turtleneck separately from the uniform shirt.                                    

- All uniform items should be the right size, not baggy or excessively tight.                                         

- Trouser hems must be no lower than heel welt and no higher than three inches above the ground.

- Skirt hems must be no shorter than midknee and no longer than 3 inches below the knee.                  



- When you wear a Service ball cap, wear the cap for your specific duty (Wildlife Inspector).

- Center the bill of the cap in front.


NAME PLATES/BADGES                                                                                                        

-Center name plates over and above the right pocket or in the nameplate tabs.                                 

-Wear the badge on the uniform shirt over the left breast centered on the badge tabs.



- You may wear the fleece jacket and vest as layering items.

- All outerwear must be clean and unstained.

- Wear all outerwear with the full uniform.



-Keep shoes polished and free of streaks, scuffs, and cracks.

- Dark brown socks required.

- Socks should be free of holes, pilling, patterns, or excessive wear.


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