Exhibit 1, 310 FW 6
Sample Memorandum to Employee Regarding Board of Survey Investigation


Date:  January 25, 2011

Series: Personal Property

Part 310: Personal Property Management

Originating Office: Division of Contracting and Facilities Management



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To:                   (Employee name, organizational address)


From:              Chairperson, Board of Survey


Subject:           Request for Information Regarding Loss, Theft, Damage, or Destruction of Personal Property


The Property Administrator has directed the Board of Survey (Board) to investigate, review the findings, and make recommendations concerning the loss, theft, damage, or destruction of the following personal property for which you are, or were, responsible:


Personal Property Number



(If Applicable)



(loss, theft, damage, or destruction)


The Interior Property Management Directives (IPMD) 114-60.8 require that the Board of Survey investigate the circumstances surrounding the loss, theft, damage, or destruction of the personal property described above, and provide recommendations regarding your financial liability and the possibility of disciplinary action.


The purpose of this memorandum is to:


        Advise you that the Board will determine whether to hold you financially liable for the property, and

        Give you an opportunity to explain in writing the facts and circumstances surrounding this loss, theft, damage, or destruction.


You have 5 business days from the day you receive this memorandum to acknowledge receipt by signing in the space below and sending the original back to the Board of Survey chairperson. The chairperson is responsible for tracking the status of the memorandum.


You have 14 calendar days from the day you receive this memorandum to present information in writing to the Board of Survey. If, because of unusual circumstances, you need more time, you should immediately send a written request for an extension to the Board of Survey chairperson for consideration.


Your written explanation:


  • Will become part of the official Report of Survey that the Board prepares. The Board will consider your written statement when making its findings and recommendations.
  • Should refer to and, if appropriate, include a copy of any reports or other written material previously prepared in relation to the loss, theft, damage, or destruction of the property in question.
  • Should describe:

-   What you used the property for,

-   Its location during the period it was in your possession, and

-   Its location when lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

        Should be addressed to the Chairperson, Board of Survey, (add address here).


If you believe there are compelling circumstances that justify a need for additional response time, please contact me immediately.


If after you submit your initial response, you discover additional information that should be added to your statements and explanation, please contact me immediately.


The Board will take action in accordance with the provisions of the Interior Property Management Directives, IPMD 114-60, Personal Property Management (see Departmental Web site).


We urge you to give this matter full and prompt attention.






(Employee Signature)                                                             (Date)






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