Exhibit 1, 274 FW 2
Sample Memorandum Designating a Data Steward

Supersedes 270 FW 6, FWM 406, 09/30/02

Date: March 4, 2009

Series: Information Technology Management

Part 274: Data Management

Originating Office: Division of Information Resources and Technology Management



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In Reply Refer To:







To:                  Assistant Director - Information Resources and Technology Management

                        and Chief Information Officer


From:              Insert Name, Title, Program/Region


Subject:           Designation of Data Steward


Purpose: The purpose of this memorandum is to designate [insert name, title, Program/Region], as Data Steward for the proposed Service standard identified below:


            [Insert type and name of standard, e.g., Data Element:  Wind Speed]


Data Steward’s Duties: [insert name] will perform the following duties as Data Steward:


  • Prepare the draft data standard.
  • Provide advice on the proper use of the data and the standard.
  • Review comments on the data standard that result from the review process and modify the standard if necessary.
  • Make current, electronic copies of the data available (if appropriate).
  • Review the data standard periodically to ensure its usefulness and accuracy.
  • Modify and reissue the data standard as necessary.


Rationale: Insert office name, Program/Region, reason/need for the standard, and rationale for assigning the data stewardship role to the person identified above.


If you have any questions concerning the proposed data standard, please contact [insert name of data steward] at [insert phone number].  




cc: National Data Administrator


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