Exhibit 1, 265 FW 11
Requests for Approval of Sponsorship / Cosponsorship of a Conference or Site Selection for a Conference

Supersedes Exhibit 1, 265 FW 11,  12/10/09

Date:  June 10, 2010

Series: Finance

Part 265: Travel

Originating Office: Division of Financial Management



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In Reply Refer To:




To:             Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks


From:         Director


Subject:     Conference Sponsorship and Site Selection / Cosponsorship (and Site Selection, if applicable)


We request approval to sponsor/cosponsor the following conference:


I. Subject: (Indicate title of conference. Attach a copy of the agenda if available.)


II. Purpose and Relationship to Service Mission: (Explain the purpose of the conference and how it will help in accomplishing the mission of the Service.)


III. Conference Dates: (Provide dates of conference.)


IV. Location and Site Selection: (Provide proposed location and a description of the site you are planning to use for the conference (e.g., Westin Hotel, 123 Main Street, Tampa, FL; or the McKimmon Conference and Training Center, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC).   


V. Estimated Number of Government Employees to Attend: (Estimate number. Provide breakdown of number of participants by agency, if available.)


VI. Estimated Cost of Travel: (Indicate total estimated cost of travel.)


VII. Special Considerations/Comments:




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Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks                       Date

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