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Service Non-Fire Annual Chain Saw Refresher Requirements


Date: November 10, 2010

Series: Occupational Safety and Health

Part 241: Safety Operations

Originating Office: Division of Safety and Health



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Trainee Class A Fallers and Class A, B, and C Fallers must complete annual chain saw refresher training. The Project Leader/supervisor/facility manager determines what will serve as refresher training and documents employees’ completion of the training.


There is no minimum time requirement for the refresher training. Time allocated to the refresher should reflect the skill and amount of time students use chain saws. There are also no requirements for content because of the variety of chain saw types, safety subjects, and situations faced in the field.


After operators complete the refresher training, the training presenter must give a certificate or letter of completion to each student. The Project Leader/supervisor/facility manager must keep the training documentation in the employee’s training records and enter it into the Department’s Learning Management System (e.g., DOI Learn).


Some examples of a chain saw refresher:


Classroom Setting


• Mini review of S-212 Powerpoint presentations or videos.


• Question/answer/discussion session with a skilled Class C Faller.


• Review of felling and bucking techniques, maintenance, and hazards.


• Schedule a manufacturer’s representative to give classroom/hands-on training.



Tailgate Safety Session


• Review a Chain Saw Job Hazard Assessment.


• Discussion and evaluation of close calls or incidents and how to improve.


• Discussion of the variety of reference material available in an informal setting (see examples below).



Day of Field Work


• Practice bucking, limbing, and felling.



Reference Links:


Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center


National Interagency Fire Center - WFSTAR –

      Hazard Trees and Tree Felling

      Fireline Safety Refresher Training


6-minutes for Safety


Manufacturer Safety Sites




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