Exhibit 1,

241 FW 10
Diving Safety Plan

Supersedes Exhibit 1,  241 FW 10, FWM 427, 07/23/03

Date:  April 10, 2006

Series: Occupational Safety and Health

Part 241: Safety Operations

Originating Office: Division of Safety and Health



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A Diving Safety Plan (DSP) documents the planning and hazard analysis for a specific type of diving operation (i.e., suction dredging, transect survey, rebreathers, etc.). Prior to engaging in each new diving procedure or when utilizing a new type of equipment for which a DSP does not currently exist, the dive team conducting the dive operation must complete a DSP and the Regional Diving Officer must approve the plan. Once approved, future dives of a similar nature may reference the existing DSP.  The DSP is not intended to supplant the Field Crew Emergency Plan and Pre-dive Briefing (FWS Form 3-2222). At a minimum, include the following information in the DSP:


I.  Objective


                    Describe objective(s) of using the particular equipment or procedure.


II.  Description of Equipment and Techniques


                    Provide references for equipment and techniques if available.


                    Describe the equipment to be used.


                    Describe the proposed sequence of operations including required tasks and communications in detail.


                    Describe the support vessel, if applicable.


III.  Diving Plan Hazard Analysis


                    Describe hazards associated with the proposed operation and equipment that the diver may experience, and what preventative actions will be employed to alleviate the hazard. The following table format is suggested:





Preventative Action











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