U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service  227 FW 1, Exhibit 1, Sample Notice of Union Election 

FWM#:      067 (new)
Date:         February 13, 1993
Series:       Personnel
Part 227:   Personnel Relations and Services
Originating Office:  Division of Personnel Management  
Sample Notice
Get Out to Vote

As you are aware, on (date) an election will be held to determine whether (name of labor organization will become the exclusive representative of the employees in the unit. The election will be decided by the majority of those who vote. Therefore, your vote may be critical.

It the union wins, it becomes the -exclusive representative' of all the employees who are eligible to vote. The quoted term means that the union will represent the interests of all, and management, therefore, will be limited in how it may deal with individual employees.

It's your business how you vote. However, we are advising you so that you will realize how important the decision is that you have to make on (date) . In one word, what we urge you to do is VOTE!

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