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Standard Position Description (SPD) Checklist

Supersedes Checklist in Director’s Order 197, 12/16/08

Date: August 5, 2009

Series: Personnel

Part 225: Classification, Pay, and Allowances



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This checklist facilitates Human Capital/Human Resources (HR) position

management review of the request to use an SPD, and helps ensure we are

effectively planning and using Servicewide SPDs. 


Requested SPD Title/Series/Grade: _____________________________________


SPD No. __________                                       Org Code: ___________________



Answer these questions…




Has an organizational chart been submitted to clearly identify the reporting level of the position? 




Is the work of the position at the appropriate organizational level described and supported by the SPD’s grade and position scope? 




Does the assignment of work constitute 80% or more of the primary duties described?   




Is there overlap in duties or responsibilities between this position and any others?

If yes, please explain:






Do the work functions or assignments represented by this request impact other existing positions?  If yes, please explain which positions and how they are impacted:








If the SPD is supervisory, please answer the following questions:


§     What is the supervisor to employee ratio? There is one supervisor to _____ employees. 


§     Have you reviewed the ratio to determine if it represents excessive supervisory position    layering?

            ___YES            ____NO


(2) Identify the positions supervised by title, series, and grade, and determine whether the position meets the requirements for classification at the grade level based on supervision:

Positions supervised:





                                    HR Specialist and Date


                                    I have reviewed this SPD for organizational suitability and confirm

                                    that it is appropriate for this position.








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