Exhibit 1,

012 FW 1
Template for Director’s Orders

Supersedes 012 FW 1, Illustration 1,

FWM 164, 11/04/94

Date:  February 27, 2006

Series: Service Directives

Part 012: Director’s Orders

Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management






                         TEMPLATE FOR DIRECTOR’S ORDER

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DIRECTOR'S ORDER NO.: (Leave this blank. PDM will assign the number.)


Subject: Insert a Description of the Order Here in Initial Caps


Sec. 1 What is the purpose of this Order? Describe the purpose of the Order.


Sec. 2 What is the legal authority for this Order? If there is a legal authority for the Order, describe it here. If there is more than one, list each one below:


      a.         Legal Authority One (legal citation).


      b.         Legal Authority Two (legal citation).


Sec. 3 What question would someone reading the Order ask? Use plain language techniques to write the Order. Each section should be in the form of a question (see 011 FW 2, Exhibit 2 for a plain language checklist). If the answer to the question is long, break out the text into subsections to make it easier to read:


      a.         For the first division, use lower case letters. If you use an ‘a,’ you must use a ‘b.’


                  (1) For the second division, use Arabic numbers in parentheses.


                              (a) For the third division, use lower case letters in parentheses.


                              (b) This illustrates the rule about having an (a) and (b).


                  (2) You must have a (2) with a (1).


      b.         You must use a ‘b,’ if you use an ‘a.’


Sec. 4 What is your second question? Continue to draft the content of the Order using the question and answer format.


Sec. 5 What do I include if I am amending an Order? Unless there is a justifiable reason to retain a specific Order number, develop a new Order. If you need to retain the Order number, you can write an amendment. For an amendment, in addition to the sections about purpose and the effective date, include the following two questions:


      a.         What Order number does this amendment affect? Insert the Order number.


      b.         What does it amend? Be specific and refer to the section of the Order that it amends. Clearly describe what is being changed or added.


Sec. 6 When is this Order effective? This Order (is/will be) effective (immediately/date). It remains in effect until we incorporate it into the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual or (describe event), or until we amend, supersede, or revoke it, whichever comes first. If we do not amend, supersede, or revoke it, the provisions of this Order will terminate on (date).









Prepared for publication of a notice of availability in the Federal Register. We plan to ask for public comment on the draft.

(This appears only on Orders for which you plan to publish a notice of availability in the Federal Register. See 012 FW 1.11 and 1.12 for more information.)



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