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Subject: Establishment of the Assistant Director for Management and Administration (AD-MA) and the Joint Administrative Operations (JAO) Organization, including a Crosswalk to Previous Responsibilities


Sec. 1 What is the purpose of this Order? This Order:


     a. Establishes the Assistant Director - Management and Administration (AD-MA) and the Joint Administrative Operations (JAO) organization within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) to improve the sustainability and resiliency of the Serviceís administrative operations; and


     b. Provides a crosswalk from the old organizationís titles and positions to the new organizationís titles and positions to help employees understand who is responsible for what functions.


Sec. 2 What is the JAO? The JAO is an organization that consolidates Regional and Headquarters budget and administration functions (e.g., Human Resources, Budget and Performance, Finance, Acquisition and Property, Customer Engagement, Safety, etc.) into an integrated operating environment under a single chain of command. Service employees from across the country worked together to analyze the previous state of operations and design a more efficient model for providing exceptional service and smart solutions that advance the Serviceís mission.


Sec. 3 What previous programs are now part of the JAO? The programs and offices that we have consolidated into the JAO include:


     a. Business Management and Operations in Headquarters (HQ) (Divisions of Contracting and General Services, Financial Management, Economics, Safety and Health).


     b. Budget, Planning and Human Capital in HQ (Divisions of Human Resources; Policy, Performance, and Management Programs; and Budget; and the Office of Business Innovation and Transformation).


     c. Regional Budget and Administration (B&A) Offices and divisions and branches within them.


Sec. 4 How is the JAO organized? Under the AD-MA, the Service has consolidated two Directorates and the Regional B&A organizations. There is one Directorate level employee from the Senior Executive Service (SES) overseeing the organization.


     a. The JAO is made up of:


           (1) The Administrative Operations Center (AOC), which is focused on direct service delivery; and


           2) The remaining Headquarters organization, which provides policy and oversight for all administrative functions. 


     b. To learn more about the JAO and its structure and to see organization charts, visit the JAO intranet site.


Sec. 5 How do these changes in organization affect existing policy?


     a. Until all Directorís Orders, Service Manual chapters, policy memorandums, and handbooks are updated, employees should use the crosswalk that is available online on the JAO site to determine who in the JAO is responsible for various requirements and activities.


     b. Because the AD-MA is overseeing a new organization, we anticipate some modifications to responsibilities. As a result, we will continually update the crosswalk until the organization under the AD-MA stabilizes.


     c. JAO leadership has begun revising the applicable chapters in the Departmental Manual and the Service Manual on organization to articulate the current organization of our administrative functions. We also will revise program chapters, such as those on health and safety and human resources, for example, to reflect new titles of offices and leadership.


Sec. 6 When is this Order effective? This Order is effective immediately. It remains in effect indefinitely, or until we incorporate it into the Service Manual, amend, supersede, or revoke it.


                                                      /sgd/ Stephen Guertin   

                                                      DEPUTY DIRECTOR


Date: August 29, 2019


For more information about this policy, see the JAO website for contacts. For more information about this website, contact Krista Bibb in the Policy and Regulations Branch (PRB), Division of Policy, Economics, Risk Management, and Analytics.



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