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Subject: IT Transformation


Sec. 1 What is the purpose of this Order? Due to the Department of the Interiorís Information Technology Transformation Initiative (IT Transformation), this Order:


     a. Temporarily rescinds 270 FW 2, Automated Information Systems Capital Planning and Management and 270 FW 3, Service Information Technology Governance, and


     b. Describes the responsibilities of Service employees during the transition to IT Transformation.


Sec. 2 What employees are most affected by this Order? The employees most affected by this Order are:


a.     The members of the Chief Technology Officers Council (CTOC),


b.    IT capital planners, and


c.     IT system owners and project managers.


Sec. 3 Will the members of the CTOC continue to have a role in IT planning and development? Yes. Members of the CTOC help to ensure a uniform approach to IT that aligns with Departmental and Federal mandates, minimizes duplication of effort, ensures compatibility, shares expertise, and fosters collaboration.


a.  To achieve this goal, members of the CTOC will continue to:


(1)    Represent their respective Region/program on all IT issues at CTOC



(2)    Identify IT issues in their areas of responsibility for the CTOC to

consider and address,


(3)    Communicate decisions by the CTOC to affected users and



(4)    Alert managers to the potential impacts of IT policies and issues on

budgets and resources, and


(5)    Serve in an advisory capacity to the Assistant Director, Information

Resources and Technology Management, and the Information Technology Investment Review Board (ITIRB) (see section 5).


b.  Employees will continue to present new IT initiatives to their respective CTOC representative, who will work with the CTOC, and to capital planners to get approval before investing in a system or project.


Sec. 4 What are the roles of the capital planners, system owners, and project managers under IT Transformation?


a.  The capital planners will continue to:


(1)  Respond to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Departmental data calls;


(2)  Coordinate with project managers, system owners, and CTOC



(3)  Provide training to project managers on how to comply with OMB 

reporting requirements (e.g., Exhibits 53A and 53B), and assist them with developing OMB-required artifacts and managing and submitting Exhibits 53A and 53B;


(4)  Assist project managers to fulfill administrative functions for the ITIRB, and


(5) Coordinate ITIRB efforts with the General Operations Advisory Council (GOAC).


b.  System owners and project managers will continue to manage projects for

their respective investments and respond to capital plannersí data calls.


Sec. 5 Neither the ITIRB nor the GOAC are mentioned in 270 FW 2 or 3. What are these groups?


†††† a. The ITIRB was established by charter in June 2008.


(1)  It is comprised of Directorate members, Deputies, Assistant Regional

 Directors, and Project Leaders, all of whom the Deputy Director appoints.


(2)  Its members are responsible for collaborative governance of IT and e-

Government activities.


(3)  The ITIRB ensures our IT investments conform to applicable regulations, policies, guidance, and laws, and advises or recommends decisions about IT to the GOAC.


b. The GOAC:


(1)  Is comprised of Service executives, and


(2)  Evaluates Servicewide proposals (for general operations funding and IT system capital investments), funding increases and strategies for efficiencies, cost containment, and cost reduction.


Sec. 6 When is this Order effective? This Order is effective immediately. It remains in effect until IT Transformation is implemented and can be incorporated into 270 FW 2 and 3 of the Service Manual, or until we amend, supersede, or revoke it, whichever comes first. If we do not incorporate it into the Service Manual, amend, supersede, or revoke it, the Order will expire 18 months from the date of signature.




                                                  /sgd/ Gregory E. Siekaniec         

                                                      DEPUTY DIRECTOR




Date: July 19, 2011






For specific information on the content of this Director's Order, contact the Office of Information Resources and Technology Management. For more information about the Web site, contact Krista Bibb  in the Division of Policy and Directives Management.


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