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Subject: Personnel Actions for GS-14 and 15 Positions

Sec. 1 What is the purpose of this Order? This Order establishes procedures for approval of personnel actions for GS-14 and 15 positions.

Sec. 2 Does this Order supplement any other directive? This Order supplements Director's Order 133.

Sec. 3 Who approves personnel actions?

      a. The Director must approve all personnel actions involving GS-15's such as temporary and permanent promotions, reassignments, selections, and requests to establish and recruit for new positions.

      b. Regional Directors and Assistant Directors may approve personnel actions for GS-14 positions (Director's Order 133).

Sec. 4 What documentation is necessary for GS-15 positions?

      a. All requests. Submit the following documents to the Director through the Chief, Division of Human Capital, Headquarters:

            (1) SF-52 (Request for Personnel Action) signed by the respective Assistant or Regional Director.

            (2) Proposed certified position description and evaluation statement.

            (3) Organizational chart that reflects the location of the position.

      b. Selections. In addition to the documents required in subparagraph a, submit:

            (1) A memorandum from the appropriate Assistant or Regional Director through the Director to the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, selecting the candidate. Briefly state the reasons for selection of the candidate focusing on the candidate's background and experience related to the position to be filled.

            (2) Certificate and application of selectee.

            (3) A copy of each certificate associated with the vacancy. Do not include candidates' applications.

      d. Copy of the Outreach Recruitment Plan.

Sec. 5 Who has classification authority for GS-15 positions? The Division of Human Capital has classification authority for all GS-15 positions, whether it is a new GS-15 or redescription of an existing GS-15 position. This authority covers standardized position descriptions at the GS-15 grade level.

Sec. 6 Are there any requirements for GS-14 personnel actions? In addition to the requirements in Director's Order 133 for GS-14 positions, Assistant and Regional Directors must notify the Director of any competitive selections and noncompetitive actions/selections such as reassignments, changes to lower grade, temporary promotions, and details in excess of 120 days. You must provide this notification prior to the effective date of the action via memorandum or electronic mail.

Sec. 7 When is this Order effective? This Order is effective immediately. We will incorporate its contents in the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual. This Order will expire on December 31, 2004, unless it is amended, superseded, or revoked.




Date: October 21, 2003

For information on the content of this Director's Order, contact the Division of Human Capital.  For more information about this Web site, contact Krista Bibb in the Division of Policy and Directives Management.

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