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Subject:  Renaming and Reorganizing the Division of Law Enforcement

Sec. 1  What is the purpose of this Order? This Order implements the Secretary's mandate to reorganize the Division of Law Enforcement in support of reforms aimed at enhancing law enforcement programs and operations.

Sec. 2  What will change?

     a.  The Division of Law Enforcement is now designated the Office of Law Enforcement (OLE).

     b. The new OLE will adopt line authority, so that all special agents, wildlife inspectors, and law enforcement administrative staff report through their law enforcement chain of command to the Chief, OLE.

     c.  All Service organization codes assigned to Law Enforcement, including those in Headquarters, will be reassigned under the 99000 organization code series.

Sec. 3 How should I conduct business with the new office?

    a. The OLE will maintain the close and collaborative internal working relationships that have been established over the years with the Regions, among headquarters components, and across programs in the Service.

     b. Service offices that currently provide administrative services to the former Division of Law Enforcement will continue to provide these services to the OLE in the same manner in which they have in the past within their geographic locale.

     c. The level of administrative services provided to the OLE is not expected to change. The OLE will continue to pay for these services with Cost Allocation Management (CAM) funding.

Sec. 4 When is this Order effective? This order was effective October 1, 2002.  Elements of this Order will be included in Parts 022 and 440 of the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual, as well as Part 242 of the Departmental Manual.

Sec. 5 When does this Order expire? This Order will expire on December 31, 2003, unless amended, superseded, or revoked.


                                                                /sgd/ MARSHALL P. JONES, JR.

                                                                            ACTING DIRECTOR

Date: October 4, 2002

For specific information on the content of this Director's Order, contact the Office of Law Enforcement.  For additional information about this Web site, contact Krista Bibb in the Division of Policy and Directives Management.

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