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Subject: Reassignment of the National Eagle and Wildlife Property Repository

Sec. 1 What is the purpose of this Order? This Order reassigns supervision of the National Eagle and Wildlife Property Repository from the Regional Director, Region 6 to the Assistant Director for Law Enforcement.

Sec. 2 How should I conduct business with the Repository?

      a. If you previously directed matters through the Regional Director, Region 6, you should now direct them through the Assistant Director for Law Enforcement. The Assistant Director for Law Enforcement will coordinate, as appropriate, with the Assistant Director for Migratory Birds and State Programs on repository issues concerning eagles.

      b. You should continue to handle routine matters directly with the Repository.

Sec. 3 When is this Order effective? This Order is effective November 19, 2000. We will include the contents of this Order in Part 022 of the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual.

Sec. 4 When does this Order expire? This Order will expire on December 31, 2001, unless amended, superseded, or revoked.


Date:  November 24, 2000

For specific information on the contents of this Director's Order, contact the Division of Law Enforcement Operations.  For additional information regarding the Directives web pages, contact Krista Bibb, in the Division of Policy and Directives Management, 703-358-2482.

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