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Updated:  July 29, 2022
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Number Date Subject Text PDF Expiration
42 03/25/92 Existing Manuals, Handbooks, and Other Directives

Amend.15 (12/31/07) - Amendment extending Order indefinitely and clarifying existing policy PDF 
Amend.13 (12/31/05) - Amendment extending termination date PDF 
Amend.14 (12/31/06) - Amendment extending termination date PDF 
Text   PDF    
109 03/28/05 Use of Specimens Collected on Fish and Wildlife Service Lands test

Amend.17 (03/14/22) - Extends termination date PDF 
Text   PDF   03/31/23  
162 01/06/04 Delegation of Authority - Chief, Law Enforcement

Amend.6 (03/24/08) - Updates references and delegation PDF 
Amend.20 (03/14/22) - Extends termination date PDF 
Text   PDF   03/31/23  
194 04/17/08 Extension of the Redelegation of Authority for Intra-Service Endangered Species Act Section 7 Findings

Exhibit 1 - Regional and Headquarters Office Levels of Authority and Procedures   PDF 
Text   PDF   10/31/22  
199 10/20/09 Program for Centralized Hiring of Refuge Officers

Text   PDF   04/30/23  
205 08/06/12 Training Requirements for Refuge's Federal Wildlife Officers

Text   PDF   02/28/23  
210 02/25/14 Administrative Actions to Strengthen U.S. Trade Controls for Elephant Ivory, Rhinoceros Horn, and Parts and Products of Other Species Listed Under the Endangered Species Act

Appendix 1 - Guidance on the Antique Exception Under the Endangered Species Act   PDF 
Amend.3 (07/18/16) - Amendment aligning Order with the 4(d) rule. PDF 
Amend.1 (05/15/14) - Amending dates in Order and several sections in Appendix 1 PDF 
Amend.2 (07/31/15) - Clarifying information about ESA import permits PDF 
Text   PDF   08/31/22  
212 12/09/15 Using Available Legal and Regulatory Authority to Deny Wildlife Violators from Obtaining Federal Wildlife-Related Permits and Licenses

Text   PDF   06/30/23  
213 12/11/15 Waiver Process for Pre-Appointment Background Investigation Requirement to Attend Law Enforcement Training

Text   PDF   06/30/23  
217 08/09/16 Collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to Conserve Listed, Candidate, and Other At-Risk Species

Text   PDF   01/31/23  
220 05/06/19 Body-Worn Cameras

Text   PDF   11/30/22  
225 10/05/21 Incidental Take of Migratory Birds (effective December 3, 2021)

Text   PDF   04/30/23  
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Orders are limited to temporary delegations of authority, emergency directives, special assignments, and initial policy or guidance for evolving activities. Director's orders are further described in the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual, 012 FW 1. A listing of recently expired, revoked, or superseded Director's Orders is available by clicking here .

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