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Division of Policy and Directives Management

Updated:  July 30, 2013


Fish and Wildlife Service Manual
The manual contains the standing and continuing directives of the Service. Employees must comply with the requirements in the manual. See 011 FW 1. To learn how to write a manual chapter, see 011 FW 2, and for publication and clearance information, see 011 FW 3.

Director's Orders
Director's Orders are limited to temporary delegations, emergency directives, special assignments, and initial policy or guidance for evolving activities. See 012 FW 1.

We use handbooks to explain how to comply with directives. Handbooks often include procedures and technical information.

National Policy Issuance System
This system promulgates the Director's national policies for managing the Service and its programs. A description of the system is published as NPI #89-01.

Centralized Library of Servicewide Policies - contains memorandums, Federal Register documents, handbooks, bulletins and more.

Division of Policy and Directives Management Home Page - Provides additional information on directives/policies, regulatory documents, forms, FOIA, and other administrative areas.

List of Regional Directives Officers (RDOs) - Names and phone numbers for the Directives Officer in each Region.

Electronic Library of Interior Policies - (ELIPS) Departmental Manual, Secretarial Orders, and more.

Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Congressional Information - Information on laws relating to the Fish and Wildlife Service as well as links to Thomas, GPO, and other external sites.



If you have questions about the Directives site, please contact Krista Bibb in the Division of Policy and Directives Management.  If you have questions about the specific content of a directive, please contact the originating office.



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