U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service  281 FW 6, Appendix 1, Format for Analysis of Proposed Legislation

FWM#:         098 (new)
Date:             June 21, 1993
Series:           Records Management
Part 281:       Reports and Forms Management
Originating Office:  Division of Policy and Directives Management  

Format for
Analysis of Proposed Legislation to
Determine Paperwork Burden

Paperwork burden analyses of proposed legislation will include each of the elements listed below.

1. Description and location of each collection of information. Exact citations to the proposed legislation should be given for each collection meeting the definition of collection of information in 381 DM 13.5.

2. Analysis of the need to collect the information. This will-include:

A. The reason the information is to be collected, including the importance to the bill's objectives and the harm which would result if the information were not collected. if the reviewing office does not feel the information should be collected, this should be clearly stated.

B. Which agency will use the information and how it will be used. If the same information is already collected by another agency, this should be stated. Use of existing information from another agency is preferable to collecting new information.

C. A consideration of alternate, less burdensome information collection techniques (such as sampling or exception reporting) which could be used.

3. Estimated number of respondents and the estimated total burden imposed on the public by the collection of information. The estimate should be broken down into the following categories:

A. Individuals and households.

B. Farms.

C. State and local governments.

D. Businesses and other institutions.

381 DM 13
Appendix 1
01/23/89 #2837

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