A Manual for Conducting Natural Resource Damage Assessment: The Role of Economics

Prepared for: Division of Economics;
Fish and Wildlife Service; 
U.S. Department of the Interior

Prepared by: Robert E. Unsworth and Timothy B. Petersen; 
Industrial Economics, Incorporated; 
Cambridge, Massachusetts


Full, Searchable Manual


Manual by Section:

Preface and Table of Contents

PDF 222 k

Executive Summary

PDF 351 k

1. Introduction

PDF 746 k

2. The Damage Assessment Process

PDF 1.2 M

3. Restoration Costing

PDF 693 k

4. Primary Methods for Compensable Value Determination

PDF 1.6 M

5. Secondary Methods for Natural Resource Valuation: Benefit Transfer 

PDF 1.7 M

6. The Role of Time in Natural Resource Damage Assessment

PDF 934 k

7. Addressing Uncertainty and Data Limitations in Damage Assessment

PDF 424 k

Appendix A: Abbreviations and Glossary of Terms

PDF 230 k

Appendix B: Annotated Bibliography

PDF 916 k

Appendix C: Sample Format for Economic Damage Assessment Document

PDF 143 k


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