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Outline and Guidance for Developing Annual Habitat Work Plans
FWM#:  400 (New)
Date:  June 19, 2002
Series: Habitat Management
Part 620:  Habitat Management Practices
Originating Office:Division of Conservation Planning and Policy

I. Relationship to the HMP.

State that the AHWP is an annual work plan that details incremental (or annual) tasks in support of goals and objectives.

II. Habitat Objectives.

Identify habitat management strategies outlined in the CCP and HMP to be completed within the plan year.

III. Habitat Response .

Evaluate progress toward achieving the habitat objective(s) from the present management strategies and prescriptions. This is a descriptive response of the habitat to the management strategies and prescriptions. Provide an analysis of results.

IV. Wildlife Response.

Evaluate the response of the resources of concern as well as nontarget resources to the habitat management strategies and prescriptions. Provide an analysis of results identifying the positive and negative impacts of each prescribed strategy. Use this information to help select the management strategy(ies) with the most positive effect on refuge resources as a whole.

V. Unmet Habitat Needs.

Describe unmet habitat needs, management shortfalls, and possible explanations.

VI. Strategies to Achieve Unmet Habitat Needs.

Describe management actions (including fiscal resources) necessary to achieve the unmet habitat needs and management shortfalls. Incorporate conclusions into future AHWPs and subsequent HMPs, as necessary.

VII. Management Strategy Prescriptions.

Identify specific management strategy prescriptions from the HMP that will occur in the coming year. Include, as necessary, for each management action:

(1) Location

(2) Timing

(3) Interval

(4) Intensity

VIII. Create Management Strategy Documents File.

Identify specific management strategy documents from the HMP. Include, as necessary, for each management action:

(1) Necessary resources;

(2) Documentation of special uses;

(3) Documentation of compliance; and

(4) Refuge Operations Needs System or other budgetary requests.

IX. Appendixes (as appropriate).

Include any special use permits or compatibility determinations not contained in an approved CCP, as appropriate

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