U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service  Exhibit 2, 126 FW 2,
Museum Property Accession Receiving Report

FWM#:     325 (new)
Date:        October 7, 1997
Series:      Library and Museum Services
Part 126:   Museums
Originating Office:  Division of Refuges  

___________________                                                                                                                     ________________
Unit Organization Code                                                                                                                         Accession No.

Use this form to document the receipt of museum property and collect pertinent information on the accession from the Source of Accession (donor, vendor, field collector, etc.). If additional space is needed, attach a separate sheet. Use ink or type.

1. The following information pertains to objects and/or specimens listed on attached form(s) (check form type).
__  Accession Receiving Report: List of Objects and/or             Specimens  

__  Deed of Gift  

__  Receiving Report copy of Order for Supplies or Services  

__  Requisition (D-1), (For Imprest Funds)

__  Receiving Report Copy of Field Purchase Order (SF-44)  

__  Copy of Purchase Contract (if over $25,000)  

__  Exchange Agreement  

__  Transfer of Property (DI-104)  

__  Receipt for Property (DI-105)

2. Nature of Accession: (Check one)

__ Donation     ___ Purchase     ___ Exchange     ___ Transfer     ___ Field Collection

3. Name and address of Source of Accession:

Responsible Official:
Daytime Telephone No._______: FAX No.:_______

4. Give brief description, identification and history of the collection. Note locality collected or purchased, give site names and numbers if appropriate. This information is provided by the Source of Accession only.

5. Project Name:

6. Give overall condition on arrival. Specific object and/or specimen condition must be noted on attached form(s).

7. Remarks:

8. Objects and/or Specimens Received by:____________________________________ Date:____________
                                                                                        (Signature of Employee, Title)

                                                                                (Unit Location)

9. I certify that the objects and/or specimens described above and on the attached document have been received and inspected.

 ____________________________________   Date:__________________
(Signature of Receiving Officer)

F126-2X2                                                                                                                                                                 (6/97)

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____________________                                                                                                 _______________________
Unit Acronym or Identifier                                                                                                 Accession No.

If the objects and/or specimens in an accession are not itemized on the legal document for the transaction, use this form to provide a list of the objects and/or specimens and their condition. This form is used only as an attachment to the Accession Receiving Report.
Quantity Object or Specimen Name Description and Condition Notes

F126-2X2 (6/97)

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