Exhibit 1, 420 FW 2, Designing Evaluations

FWM#:       256 (new)
Date:          May 31, 1996
Series:        Evaluation
Part 420:    Evaluation System
Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management


1. How much time is needed to conduct the evaluation? What resources (e.g., staff, costs) are involved?

2. What types of skills are needed by the evaluation team members? Has a team member been trained in evaluation methodology?

3. Does the organization being evaluated have a representative on the evaluation team?

4. Who will be responsible for conducting the evaluation? Will they have adequate resources to conduct an evaluation and present findings that are useful?

5. What organization(s) will be evaluated?

6. How complex are the issues being studied?

7. Is such an evaluation within the timeframe feasible? (The wider the scope of the evaluation, the more time needed to complete the evaluation.)

8. Are the standards against which the evaluation will be conducted clear and understood by the evaluation team?

9. Does the evaluation team understand the purposes and objectives of the evaluation?

10. Is an on-site review required? Can the evaluation team conduct the evaluation using an alternative method?

Data Collection

1. Does the data collection instrument ask the "right questions?" Will the questions provide data that are useful to the evaluation team?

2. Has time been allotted to test the instrument prior to issuance to the organization being studied?

3. Have the questions been written with the intended audience in mind?

4. Are the questions answerable in the time allotted?

5. Does the instrument request supporting documentation?

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