Exhibit 1, 342 FW 4, Sample Certificate of Title

FWM#:     224 (new)
Date:        October 27, 1995
Series:      Real Property
Part 342:  Realty Operations
Originating Office: Division of Realty

        The ____________________, a Corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of _______________, with its principal office in the City of _____________________ , hereby certifies that it has (made) (obtained a report showing) a thorough search of the title to the property described in Schedule A hereof, beginning with the ________ day of _________, 19__, and hereby certifies that the title to said property was indefeasibly vested in fee simple of record in , as of the __________day of _____________, 19__, free and clear of all encumbrances, defects, interests, and all other matters whatsoever, either of record or otherwise known to the corporation, impairing or adversely affecting the title to said property, except as shown in Schedule B hereof.

       The maximum liability of the undersigned under this certificate is limited to the sum of $____________.
       In consideration of the premium paid, this certificate is issued for the use and benefit of (said _________________and) the United States of America (and use and benefit of (said each of them).

       In Witness Whereof, said Corporation has caused these presents to be signed in its name and behalf, sealed with its corporate seal, and delivered by its proper officers thereunto duly authorized, as of the date last above mentioned.

Name of Title Company
By __________________________
Title of Executing officer


Title of Attesting Officer


The property covered by this certificate is accurately and fully described as follows:



The property described in Schedule A hereof is free and clear from all interests, encumbrances, and defects of title and all other matters whatsoever of record, or which, though not of record, are known to this corporation to exist impairing or adversely affecting the title to said property, except the following:

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