Exhibit 1, 020 FW 2

Data Elements -
Request for Assignment of Organization Codes

FWM#:     252 (replaces FWM 198, 6/20/95)
Date:        April 29, 1996
Series:      Organization and History
Part 020:  Organizational Management
Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management

Address or provide information for the following data elements. To facilitate review, elements should be numbered to correspond to the numbering of element in this exhibit.

1. Nature of action (Add, Change, or Delete)

2. Organization title.

3. Indicate desired organization code and PAY/PERS level.

4. Identify the three successive higher management organizations and officials for the organization. Include organization codes for each.

5. State whether this is a Fund Target Office.

6. If a Fund Target Office, give four digit sub-activity number of the primary sub-activity that will fund organization.

7. If not a Fund Target Office, identify the office and its organization code that should receive financial reports for the organization.

8. If deleting an organization code, identify organization where costs should be transferred.

9. Mailing address and shipping address of the organization.

10. Telephone number, Fax number, Email number for the organization.

11. State(s) and Congressional district(s) where the organization is located.

12. Name, telephone number and address of person to contact for questions concerning this request.

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