U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Handbook of Aquatic Animal Health Procedures and Protocols



Volume 1: Standard Procedures for Aquatic Animal Health Inspection


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Sampling

Chapter 3: Bacteriology

Chapter 4: Virology

Chapter 5: Parasitology

Chapter 6: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Appendix 1: The Handbook and Oversight Committee

Appendix 2: Handbook Committee and Subcommittee Members

Appendix 3: Position Statements


Volume 2: National Wildlife Fish Health Survey Laboratory Procedures


Appropriate Use of this Publication

NWFHS Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Sample Collection and Submission

Chapter 3: Sample Receipt and Laboratory Tracking

Chapter 4: Standard Necropsy Procedures for Finfish

Chapter 5: Bacteriology

Chapter 6: ELISA for Detection of R. salmoninarum

Chapter 7: Corroborative Testing of R. salmoninarum

Chapter 8: Parasitology

Chapter 9: Corroborative Testing of Parasites by PCR

Chapter 10: Tissue Culture of Fish Cell Lines

Chapter 11: Virology

Chapter 12: Corroborative Testing of Viral Isolates

Chapter 13: Histology for Finfish

Chapter 14: Non-Lethal Methods for Detecting Fish Pathogens

Chapter 15: Quality Control and Internal Review Process



Volume 3: Disinfection, Isolation, and Quarantine Guidelines


Section 1:Iodophor Disinfection of Eggs

Section 2: Facility Disinfection Guidelines

Section 3: Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines

Section 4: Isolation Facility Template


Volume 4:

Risk Assessment


Section 1: Risk Assessment


Volume 5: Quality Assurance/Quality Control Procedures


Under development

Volume 6: Non-Lethal Sampling Procedures


Section 1: Non-Lethal Methods for Detecting Fish Pathogens


Volume 7: Miscellaneous Techniques and Procedures


Under development

Volume 8: Aquatic Animal Health Policies


Section 1: Title 50:

            50 CFR Part 16, Injurious Wildlife

            Forms 3-2273, Certifying Official Form; 3-2274, Certification Form; and 3-2275, Importation Request Form


Section 2: Service Aquatic Animal Health Policy: Part 713 of the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual

            Form 3-225, Aquatic Animal Health Inspection Request

            Form 3-226, Aquatic Animal Health Inspection Report

            Form 3-2261, For Movements into a Facility

            Form 3-2262, For Movements from a Facility


Volume 9: Triploid Grass Carp Inspection Program


Section 1: Overview

Section 2: Standards for Inspectors

Section 3: Standards for Producers

Section 4: Standards for Collection of Fees

Section 5: Checklist for Inspectors and Producers


Volume 10:

Sample Agreements


Section 1: Reimbursable agreement Illinois DNR

Section 2: Reimbursable agreement Red Cliff Indian Reservation

Section 3: Reimbursable agreement Ohio DNR

Section 4: Reimbursable agreement Michigan DNR

Section 5: Statement of Intent Michigan DNR




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