Amendment 1, 226 FW 2
Absence and Leave

Amends 226 FW 2, 04/07/93

Date:  June 20, 2007
Series: Personnel

Part 226: Attendance and Leave

Originating Office: Division of Human Resources



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Purpose: The purpose of this amendment is to update 226 FW 2, Absence and Leave, to include a section on creditable service for annual leave accrual for newly appointed or reappointed employees. Service management officials may use this policy as a recruitment incentive.



Delete section 2.9F and replace it with the following section:


F. Creditable Service for Leave Accrual Purposes.


(1) The service computation date for leave accrual purposes is the date shown on the SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action, in block 31. We use it to determine the rate at which an employee accrues annual leave.


(2) As a recruitment tool, Service management officials may choose to grant service credit for the purpose of annual leave accrual based on prior experience in non-Federal positions or as a retired member of the uniformed services. (See section 2.22 for more information.)


Add the following section after section 2.21:


2.22 Does the Service ever credit experience in prior positions to calculate the annual leave accrual rate for a newly appointed or reappointed employee? Yes, our policy is the same as the Department of the Interior policy established in Personnel Bulletin No. 05-05, dated August 18, 2005. Following are the requirements and procedures:.


A. When to Use the Option:


(1) We must follow the specific guidelines in the Departmentís Personnel Bulletin No. 05-05 to determine if a person qualifies to receive credit toward annual leave accrual rates.


(2) We may credit employees for annual leave accrual based on a written determination that explains how:


(a) The skills and experience the employee possesses are essential to the new position;


(b) The employee has acquired the experience in a non-Federal position;


(c) The experience is directly related to the duties of the Service position to which we are appointing the employee; and


(d) Appointing the employee to the position is necessary to achieve an important Service mission or performance goal.


(3) We may also grant credit to a retired member of a uniformed service for any period of active military service during which he or she performed duties directly related to his or her new Service position.


B. How to Use the Option:


(1) A selecting official who wants to provide this benefit to a selectee must prepare a memorandum requesting credit for annual leave. The memorandum must:


(a) Include all of the required documentation described in paragraph 3.b. of Personnel Bulletin No. 05-05, and


(b) State the amount of credit the requester wants the eligible employee to receive in number of years and months. 


(2) The selecting official sends the memorandum for approval through appropriate channels to the approving official (see section 2.22C below).


(3) After signature, the approving official or designee sends the request to the servicing human resources office for review to ensure its compliance with regulations and policy and to enter the information into the Federal Personnel and Payroll System. (Human resources offices may be audited to ensure regulatory compliance and appropriate documentation for each case in which such credit is granted.)


C. Who Approves the Credit:  Service Regional Directors, Assistant Directors, or the Chief, Office of Law Enforcement are authorized to approve requests for granting service credit for annual leave. This authority may not be further delegated.


D. When the Service May Start Applying Credit:


(1) This amendment applies only to employees we appoint or reappoint after the Director approves the amendment.


(2) Former Federal employees who we are appointing or reappointing may receive credit for qualifying experience on the date of their initial appointments or reappointments following a break of at least 90-calendar days from the date of the last period of civilian Federal employment.



For information on the content of this chapter, contact the Division of Human Resources. For information about this Web site, contact Krista Bibb in the Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs.  

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