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Checklist-Resource Category Documentation

FWM#: 069 (new)
Date: February 24, 1993
Series: Interagency Activities
Part 501: Interagency Activities - General
Originating Office: Division of Habitat Conservation

The following checklist encompasses the information to be provided in supporting technical documentation for resource category determinations:

1. Describe the boundary of the area(s) of habitat in a manner readily understood by developers and planning interests. Consider using maps, altitudes, river reaches, distinctive surface cover types, floodplains, drainages, landmarks, or any other geographic or topographic descriptors.

2. Identify those special biological features or the area(s) in question that are considered pertinent to the resource category determination (i.e., species, species life stages, species life requisites, species groups and species diversity considerations). Also identify any special vegetative and physical site conditions that enter into consideration.

3. In quantitative or qualitative terms, discuss the importance ascribed to the special features and conditions in number 2 above.

4. As appropriate, discuss considerations for scarcity, abundance, irreplaceability, and/or uniqueness. Also discuss the geographic area of consideration associated with these characteristics.

5. If an area is unique and irreplaceable, and is proposed as Resource Category 1, discuss why it is not possible, based on present day scientific and engineering skills, to offset the loss through managed improvement, restoration, or creation of like habitat. 

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