Appendix 1, 332 FW 2,

Flight Checks and Training Requirements

FWM#:    090 (new)
Date:        June 3, 1993
Series:      Aviation Management
Part 332:  Aircrews
Originating Office:  Aviation Management  

Initial Aircraft Qualification Once.  Dual instructions plus CPI certification of qualification fulfills this requirement.
Initial DOI Flight Check  Once for each category and class by OAS staff. 
Initial Familiarization Training  Once: 10 hours minimum. 
Recurrent Flight Checks  Semiannual (IFR) and annual (VFR). Exception is most Alaska pilots for I Alaska pilots. 
Ongoing maintained by flying at least 6 hours PIC in the previous 60 days, including 3 takeoffs and landings; 100 hours annually. 

As appropriate; at discretion of Service Aviation Manager or RAM or request of pilot. 

After incident or accident. 
If currency lapses. 
If annual flight requirements are not met. 
New mission, operating environment or aircraft. 

Low Level Training 
At initial appointment if pilot has not accrued 200 low level hours and will be flying low-level missions; 20 hours minimum. Then as needed, depending on proficiency and currency. 
Special Use Checks Once annually 

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