U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  532 FW 1                                     
Attendance at International Meetings  

FWM 308: (new)
Date: 12/31/96
Series: International Activities
Part: 532, International Meetings and Travel
Originating Office: Office of International Affairs

1.1 Purpose. This chapter describes the general purposes for which the Service participates in international meetings and provides guidance to managers and supervisors in selecting individuals to accomplish the Service's mission and goals in its international activities.

1.2 Scope. This chapter applies to all full-time and part-time employees of the Service, as well as to other employees detailed to the Service under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA), or from other agencies and organizations traveling under Service auspices or representing the Service.

1.3 Policy. It is the policy of the Service to conduct international travel and participate in international meetings in carrying out its statutory responsibilities (as listed in 530 FW 1), and for the purposes of promoting fish and wildlife conservation, through the exchange of scientific and educational information and through cooperative projects and programs.

1.4 Implementing Instructions.

A. Qualifications. It is the Service's objective to provide the best and most qualified representatives available. Service personnel selected for international assignment or participation in international meetings should be:

(1) Informed on their topics and pertinent Service policies;

(2) Sensitive to cultural diversity and observant of laws, rules, and customs in the countries they visit; and

(3) Cognizant at all times during foreign travel that they are representatives of the United States Government and that they should conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect favorably on their mission, the Service, and the country.

B. Costs. The Service will exercise appropriate economy and effectiveness in planning foreign travel. Generally, Service participation in international travel and attendance at international meetings will be limited to the minimum number necessary to effectively address the Service's needs.

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