504 FW 5 - USDA Conservation Programs

Table of Contents

5.1   What is the purpose of this chapter?
5.2   What are the authorities for this chapter?
5.3   Who is responsible for assisting USDA in implementing its conservation programs?
5.4   What documents describe the Service's role in USDA conservation programs?
5.5   Why does the Service assist USDA in implementing its conservation programs?
5.6   For which USDA conservation programs may the Service provide technical assistance?
5.7   What is USDA's Conservation Reserve Program?
5.8   How do potential participants enroll eligible lands in the CRP?
5.9   What factors does CCC consider in evaluating CRP contract offers?
5.10 What is a CRP conservation plan?
5.11 What is the USDA Farmable Wetlands Program?
5.12 What is the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program?
5.13 How is CREP different from CRP?
5.14 Can owners of lands that are enrolled in the CRP transfer those lands to the Wetlands Reserve Program?
5.15 What is the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program?
5.16 What is the Environmental Quality Incentives Program?
5.17 Are there any other USDA conservation programs?
5.18 Can the Service cost-share in USDA conservation programs listed above?