504 FW 3 - Wetlands Reserve Program

Table of Contents

3.1   What is the purpose of this chapter?

3.2   What is the Wetlands Reserve Program?
3.3   What are the authorities for this chapter?
3.4   Who is responsible for implementing the WRP within the Service?

3.5   What is the effect of a WRPO?

3.6   How is the WRPO developed?

3.7   Who determines if land is eligible for enrollment in the WRP?

3.8   What lands are ineligible for enrollment in the WRP?

3.9   Are there any other limitations on enrollment of lands in the WRP?

3.10 How are priorities established for enrollment of eligible lands in the WRP?

3.11 What are the ranking considerations for enrollment of eligible lands in the WRP?

3.12 To enroll land in the WRP, must the landowner grant an easement to the Federal Government?

3.13 Can an easement be modified?

3.14 Can NRCS delegate easement responsibilities?

3.15 Can a WRPO be modified?

3.16 What is the Service's role in implementation of the WRP?

3.17 What are the Service's objectives for providing assistance to the WRP?

3.18 How will the Service provide technical and financial assistance to the WRP?

3.19 Can the Service partner with USDA to acquire interests in WRP lands?