504 FW 1 - Inventory Property Disposal Program

Table of Contents

1.1    What is the purpose of this chapter?
   What is the Inventory Property Disposal Program?
1.3    What are the authorities for this chapter?
1.4    Who is responsible for the Inventory Property Disposal Program within the Service?
1.5    What is the Service's role in the Inventory Property Disposal Program?
1.6    Are wetlands on FSA inventory property protected?
1.7    Why is the Service involved in the Inventory Property Disposal Program?
1.8    What are the Service's objectives in assisting the FSA?
1.9    How are FSA inventory properties reviewed?
1.10  What are the Service's policies for making recommendations for conservation easements and fee simple title transfers of FSA                inventory property?
1.11  What are the criteria for selecting FSA inventory properties for inclusion in the National Wildlife Refuge System?
1.12  What are the Service's realty responsibilities and procedures for fee title transfers and easement properties?
1.13  How will the Service manage property acquired from FSA?
1.14  Does the Service have any responsibilities related to FSA inventory properties transferred to State agencies?
1.15  What kinds of recommendations does the Service make regarding FSA inventory properties?
1.16  Can interests in FSA inventory properties be sold, exchanged, or modified?