431 FW 8, Transmittal of Classified Documents

FWM#:       144 (new)
Date:          June 9, 1994
Series:        Security
Part 431:    Information Security
Originating Office: Division of Personnel Management

8.1 General. Classified information shall be transmitted either in the custody of an appropriately cleared individual or by an approved system or carrier, and in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. The use of computer equipment for the transmission of classified information is prohibited.

8.2 Preparation and Receipting.

A. Top Secret. See Chapter 9.8 for requirements applicable to the preparation and receipting of Top Secret information.

B. Secret and Confidential. Secret and Confidential information to be transmitted shall be enclosed in opaque inner and outer containers and prepared as follows:

(1) The information shall be protected from direct contact with the inner container by a cover sheet or by folding the material inward.

(2) The inner container shall be sealed, include the addresses of the sender and addressee, conspicuously marked with the classification level, and if appropriate, include any applicable special instructions and/or additional markings.

(3) A Form DI 1835, Classified Material Receipt, shall be prepared and enclosed inside the inner cover. The receipt shall identify the sender, the addressee, and the document, but shall contain no classified information. It shall be immediately signed by the recipient and returned to the sender.

(4) The outer container shall be sealed and addressed with no identification of the classification of its contents.

(5) Double covering is not required when hand-carried within the same Government building. The information shall be protected to the degree necessary to prevent unauthorized disclosure. If hand-carried outside a Government building, a locked briefcase may serve as the outer container.

8.3 Transmittal of Top Secret. See Chapter 9 for special requirements applicable to the transmission of Top Secret material.

8.4 Transmittal of Secret. Secret information may be transmitted by one of the following means within and between the United States and its Territories:

A. One of the means established for Top Secret (see Chapter 9.9) except that Secret material may be introduced into the Defense Courier System only when U.S. control of the material cannot otherwise be maintained.

B. U.S. registered mail, including registered air mail, through U.S. Postal Service facilities, or Armed Forces postal facilities.

C. Appropriately cleared employees who have been briefed in their responsibilities as couriers or escorts. The classified information shall remain under the constant custody and protection of the employee and may not be stored in a hotel safe, luggage locker, locked automobile, or residence.

8.5 Transmittal of Confidential. Confidential information may be transmitted by one of the following means within and between the United States and its Territories:

A. One of the means established for Secret. (See Chapter 8.4.)

B. By U.S. Postal Service certified mail.

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