431 FW 5, Access to Classified Documents

FWM#:       144 (new)
Date:          June 9, 1994
Series:        Security
Part 431:    Information Security
Originating Office: Division of Personnel Management

5.1 Access Restrictions.

A. No person may be given access to classified information unless that person has been granted a security clearance commensurate with the level of access required and has a "need-to-know."

B. There shall be a demonstrated need for access to classified information before a request for a personnel security clearance can be initiated. No one has a right to have access to classified information solely by virtue of grade or position.

C. The number of people cleared and granted access to classified information shall be maintained at the minimum number that is consistent with operational requirements and needs.

5.2 Responsibility. The final responsibility for determining whether an individual's official duties require possession of or access to any element or item of classified information, and whether the individual has been granted the appropriate security clearance by proper authority, rests upon the individual who has authorized possession, knowledge, or control of the information and not upon the prospective recipient.

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