431 FW 3, Derivative Classification

FWM#:       144 (new)
Date:          June 9, 1994
Series:        Security
Part 431:    Information Security
Originating Office: Division of Personnel Management

3.1 Authority to Apply Derivative Classification. The Director shall designate, in writing, those employees who are authorized to apply derivative classification. A copy of these designations shall be provided to the Chief, Office of Enforcement and Security Management (PES).

3.2 Derivative Classification Responsibility. Derivative application of classification markings is a responsibility of those who incorporate, paraphrase, restate, or generate in new form, information that is already classified, or those who apply markings in accordance with guidance from an original classification authority. Persons who apply derivative classification should take care to determine whether their paraphrasing, restating, or summarizing of classified information has removed all or part of the basis for classification. Persons who apply such derivative classification markings shall:

A. Respect original classification decisions.

B. Verify the information's current level of classification as far as practicable before applying the markings.

C. Carry forward to any newly created documents the assigned dates or events for declassification and any additional authorized markings.

D. Maintain a record by classification category of the number of derivatively classified documents developed annually.

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