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Supersedes 371 FW 6, FWM 259, 06/28/96

Date:  October 26, 2010

Series: Facility Management

Part 371: Quarters Management

Originating Office: Division Contracting and Facilities Management



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6.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter explains what controls the Service has in place to ensure the efficient and effective management of our quarters program.


6.2 What practices ensure good management of quarters and how does the Service achieve them? Table 6-1 lists the practices we focus on to ensure good management and how we implement them.


Table 6-1: Management Practices and Controls


Controls (how we implement the practices)

A. Implement the correct rents on time


(1) Tenants and Project Leaders/supervisors must send updated inventory and tenant data and deduction documentation to the Regional Quarters Officer before annual rent changes. The National Quarters Officer (NQO) asks for these updates in a letter sent out to the Regions every December. The NQO checks deduction documentation when reviewing Regional submissions.


(2) The National Business Center gives the Regional Quarters Officers updated rent program and installation instructions with adequate time to implement rent changes in March.


(3) The NQO must:

-Ask for Regional certification that tenants were given 30-days notice of change in rent.

-Ask the Regional Quarters Officers for copies of their Quarters Management Information System (QMIS) databases after making changes.

-Check bi-weekly payroll deductions supplied by the Finance Center after rent changes are made to ensure they are accurate.

-Send the Regional Quarters Officers reports of bi-weekly payroll deductions so the Regions can also check for accuracy.

B. Use quarters revenues for quarters operations and maintenance only


The NQO must:


(1) Screen monthly quarters expenditure files to ensure that budget object class codes are appropriate for quarters operations and maintenance.


(2) Ask Regions about any questionable obligations so they can be corrected if necessary.


(3) Give Program offices and Regions monthly reports showing quarters collections, obligations, and balances.

C. Acquire only needed quarters

(1) The Regional Program offices, the Regional Quarters Officers, and the NQO must screen quarters justifications before recommending that the Assistant Director Business Management and Operations approves them.


(2) When reviewing Regional justifications, the NQO must check quarters justifications on file against new quarters to ensure proper approvals and documentation are in place.

D. Dispose of chronically vacant quarters


The NQO must:


(1) Screen the QMIS database during Regional reviews to identify quarters that have been vacant for more than 3 years.


(2) Ask the Regional Quarters Officers and Project Leaders/supervisors to find ways to use chronically vacant quarters for other purposes or dispose of them. Once we use quarters for some other purpose, if the Project Leader/supervisor wants to use them as quarters again, he/she must rejustify that use.



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