371 FW 5
Housing for Volunteers

Supersedes 371 FW 5, FWM 259, 06/28/96

Date:  October 26, 2010

Series: Facility Management

Part 371: Quarters Management

Originating Office: Division Contracting and Facilities Management



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5.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter describes how the Service leases quarters to volunteers (see Public Law 95-616, section 4 (c)(1), Fish and Wildlife Improvement Act of 1978). For more information about housing volunteers and students, see 150 FW 3 and 130 FW 1.


5.2 How does the Service determine what rent to charge volunteers for Government furnished quarters that the Service owns?


A. The Project Leader/supervisor may set a rent for volunteers anywhere from $0 up to the market value.


B. The rent should be no less than the market value of the rent of the quarters less the market value of the services the volunteer provides. Project Leaders/supervisors can determine the value of services by using either the minimum wage or comparable series pay. They may request help from their servicing Human Capital office. (There is a non-profit organization Web site that may also provide help in determining these values.)  


C. The Project Leader/supervisor may use the Consumer Price Index (CPI)‑adjusted base rental rate of the quarters as an indication of the local market value of rent.


5.3 What happens if the quarters the Service uses to house a volunteer are not Government‑owned?


A. The landlord sets the rental rate.


B. The Project Leader/supervisor may require that:


(1) The volunteer pay the rent directly to the landlord and ask the Service for reimbursement, or


(2) Ask a leasing Contracting Officer to pay the rent using Service funds.


5.4 Do Project Leaders/supervisors have to justify quarters used to house volunteers? Yes.

The Project Leader/supervisor must use a Form DI 1871, Justification for New or Replacement Housing, to justify housing volunteers in all quarters. The need to house volunteers is an acceptable justification.


5.5 Do volunteers need a lease, and should they be reported to the Regional Quarters Officer?


A. Yes. All tenants of quarters, including volunteers and people who are not Service employees, need to sign Form DI 1881, Quarters Assignment Agreement. This agreement is their lease; it states the terms of their occupancy.


B. The Project Leader/supervisor must report their names and occupancy and vacancy dates to the Regional Quarters Officer within 30 days of the tenant occupying or leaving the quarters.



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