371 FW 2
Quarters Maintenance and Using Rent Funds

Supersedes 371 FW 2, FWM 259, 06/28/96

Date:  October 26, 2010

Series: Facility Management

Part 371: Quarters Management

Originating Office: Division Contracting and Facilities Management



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2.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter describes:


A. The source of and restrictions on quarters maintenance funds,


B. Who is responsible for quarters maintenance, and


C. How funds can be transferred.


2.2 What is the Service policy for quarters maintenance and using the funds collected from rents?


A. We must:


(1) Deposit quarters rents and money we receive from other rental charges in a special fund (FWS Subactivity 8610), and


(2) Only spend these funds on operations and maintenance described in the Department’s Housing Management Handbook.


B. These funds are available until spent (“no-year money”).


2.3 Where can employees find information about maintenance requirements for quarters? Departmental requirements to ensure decent, safe, sanitary, and energy efficient housing are in the Housing Management Handbook.


2.4 Who is responsible for quarters maintenance and transferring funds the Service collects from rents?


A. Ensuring Quarters Maintenance: Project Leaders/supervisors are responsible for ensuring that quarters are decent, safe, sanitary, and energy efficient. They may spend any balance in their station's quarters account (Subactivity 8610) for quarters operations and maintenance.


B. Transferring Funds within a Program: Assistant Regional Directors with quarters responsibilities may transfer quarters funds among stations within their Programs when there is an immediate need if they:


(1) Determine that:


(a) The station they are transferring funds from does not have an immediate need for the funds, and


(b) The station that they are transferring funds to does not have sufficient funds to pay for an immediate need. Immediate needs are those that could affect the health and safety of occupants or, if not addressed, could lead to further structural damage.


(2) Review the proposed fund transfer with the Project Leader/supervisor losing funds and review the station's maintenance backlog in the Maintenance Management System.


C. Transferring Funds among Programs: Regional Directors may authorize a Program to transfer funds to stations in another Program when there is a chronic and growing surplus of funds a Program is not using.


D. Transferring Funds among Regions: The Director may authorize transfers among Regions. To request such a transfer, the Assistant Regional Director of the Program needing the funds sends a request through the Regional Director to the Chief, Division of Contracting and Facilities Management (CFM). The Chief, CFM works with the Assistant Director – Business Management and Operations for concurrence and the Director for approval.


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