301 FW 2
Procurement Planning

Supersedes 301 FW 3 and Appendix 1, FWM 119, 09/21/93

Date:  July 6, 2011

Series: Contracting

Part 301: Acquisition Policies and Procedures

Originating Office: Division of Contracting and Facilities Management



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2.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter provides U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) policy for submitting acquisition plans for procurement requirements.


2.2 What are the authorities and responsibilities for this chapter? See 301 FW 1 for information on the authorities and responsibilities for all the chapters in Part 301.


2.3 What is the Service’s policy for acquisition planning? It is our policy to plan and coordinate all procurements.


A. We require a written plan for large dollar value acquisitions. These thresholds are:


(1) Commercial contracts (see FAR 2.101) with an estimated value above $6,500,000, and


(2) Non-commercial contracts with an estimated value above $500,000.


B. For acquisitions that are for less than the thresholds in section 2.3A, we require adequate acquisition planning and market research based on the complexity of the procurement. The purpose of acquisition planning is to ensure that the Government meets its needs in the most effective, economical, and timely manner. Acquisition planning should have the goal of promoting the acquisition of commercial items, full and open competition, and integration of the efforts of all personnel responsible for significant aspects of the acquisition. You can find more guidance in the Contracting Officer’s Handbook.


C. Lack of planning for a procurement action is not an acceptable justification for proposing less than full and open competition.


2.4 Why does the Service require acquisition planning? Acquisition planning helps us to:


A. Forecast and coordinate program requirements,


B. Provide program requirement information to vendors,


C. Identify procurements that require special approvals,


D. Ensure adequate lead time for completing procurements so we can plan workload and award contracts without unnecessary delays,


E. Identify functions for contracting in accordance with Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76,


F. Ensure coordination and communication with program offices and other clients, and


G. Avoid fiscal year-end rushes to obligate expiring funds.


2.5 How does acquisition planning work?


A. When a program or project office identifies the need for procurement, the appropriate representative of the office must meet with the servicing Contracting Officer to plan the contracting aspect of the acquisition. These meetings may take place in person or over the telephone. Meetings may include discussions on the following issues:


(1) Determining the schedule,


(2) Identifying funding,


(3) Determining whether or not a written plan is required (see section 2.3A),


(4) Requesting approval (who must surname and approve the procurement),


(5) Determining if the procurement should be set aside for small business,


(6) Determining the method of procurement,


(7) Selecting the contract type, and


(8) Developing specifications or the statement of work.


B. As plans for procurement change, the program/project office must update its plans and advise the servicing contracting office of the changes.


2.6 What is in a written procurement plan, and what is the process for approval? The written procurement plan must include all the elements at FAR 7.105. Both the Contracting Officer and the program office requesting the contract should sign it.


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